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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9 months of restabilizing

Although I have not posted in nine months, I have remained in touch with my friends abroad. My absence from writing has been largely due to relocating three times, working at three different jobs, and finding an operational replacement car. Additionally, I was able to respond to the contributors on the latest trip via talks, emails, and letters. ...The spring of 2011 had brought about some necessary but difficult transitions.

Updates about the school typically come from the GCS Director, Nana. We have been able to keep up to date through emails and a few periodic phone calls. The school is in good condition still, and the latest volunteer (Peter Moller, Denmark) contributed toilets to the building in addition to finishing the small office in the back. Hearing about this just before summer began, reassured me that we still are able to continue the good Samaritan flow, while the school continues to progress. There haven't been as many volunteers as last year (through the partner ngo -GCS), but sufficient attention has remained thanks to other contributors such as Crosscause and DIVOG.

Aside from the volunteer programs, GCS has been furthering their internal efforts on a water production business. The purpose of the business is to bring about more income into the ngo, but also to supplement the volunteer staff that have made several sacrifices. Below you will see the water production efforts summed in a one minute clip...

Lastly, many people have asked me when I plan to return to Ghana. I am not able to return this year. It would be great to return in 2012, but currently I cannot set anything specific. If you or someone you know is interested however, our ngo is always taking volunteers into the organization. Feel free to contact myself or simply visit the organzation website.

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